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The Staff of the Virtual Museum includes several co-operators who supplied their work for different reasons, based on their knowledge and professionalism. They often worked knowing that surrounding times and conditions were not excellent, but in spite of this they could supply their best part. A trip into the Virtual Museum is the best way to thank all people and for managing to make this site even more useful to the knowledge of our complex society.

Alberta Zanella (reference researches)

Alberto Morelli (collections)

Alessandra Bovolato (archive researches)

Alessandra Ferraris (image database)

Alessandra Reinero (reference researches)

Anna Maria Zorgno Trisciuoglio (scientific committee)

Antonella Riviera (reference researches)

Antonio Costa (IT advisory)

Antonio Ortoni (collections)

Antonio Palmieri (pre-setting texts and images)

Chiara Fascioli (graphic pre-setting)

Chiara Mancinelli (historic researches)

Claudio Antonini (archives)

Corrado Lesca (historic researches and collections)

Cristina Bosco (pre-setting texts and chronologies)

Enrico Ruggeri (editing texts and images)

Ester Basile (financial secretary)

Fabio Giulio Tonolo (graphic pre-setting)

Fabio Musso (pre-setting text/images)

Francesco Profumo (scientific committee)

Franco Zampicinini (historic researches)

Gianvincenzo Fracastoro (scientific committee)

Giorgio Faraggiana (collections)

Giorgio Magnano (collections)

Giorgio Monestarolo (reference researches)

Giovanni Maria Lupo (scientific committee and historic researches)

Guido Colasurdo (collections)

Guido Fino (photographs)

Laura Farinetti (multimedia)

Leonardo Casavola (translation)

Luisa Dolza (historic researches)

Maddalena Morando (reference researches)

Margherita Bongiovanni (historic researches and system co-ordination)

Maria Girard (reference researches)

Maria Vittoria Savio (ricerche bibliografiche)

Mauro Innocenti (webmaster)

Nicola Palladino (reference researches)

Paola Procacci (historic researches)

Paolo Testa (pre-setting texts and images)

Piero Bozza (IT advisory)

Piero Morelli (collections)

Pina Novello (scientific committee and historic iconographic researches)

Sabina Prestipino (publishing secretary)

Salvatore D'Angelo (collections)

Salvatore Lombardi (multimedia)

Sigfrido Leschiutta (collections)

Stefania Romano (archive researches)

Susanna Onnis (archives)

Valentina Marchionni (reference researches)

Vittorio Marchis (conceiving and scientific management of the Project)

The graphic IT project was implemented by Mixad Live, interactive department of MIXAD S.r.l. of Turin,

The people who co-operated are:

Paolo Dettori - Mixad Live (supervisor)

Davide Dettori - Mixad Live (web designer)

Filippo De Cecco - Mixad Live (webmaster)

Fabio Giacomini - Mixad Live (editing HTML)

Pietro Ciuffo - Mixad Live (editing HTML)