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Marble and natural stones laboratory has the purpose to enhance ornamental and construction stones, since Italy is in a leading worldwide position in their mining and processing. In this laboratory, both historical and contemporary natural stone samples, coming from Piedmont, Italy and all over the world, are collected.

The laboratory performs tests according to Italian technical standards (UNI, CNR), but also to European (EN) and North American ones (ASTM), including:
  • determination of physical, mechanical and petrographic properties (flexural strenght, compression, water absorption);
  • determination of technological characteristics (impact, wear and slip resistance, surface coating degree of processed elements);
  • durability assessment: predisposition to buckling, frost resistance, aggressive atmospheres and acid rain, chemicals, thermal shocking, crystallization of soluble salts, UV;
  • covering stones quality control according to the technical rules of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta;
  • determination of physical and mechanical properties through non-destructive tests or micro-destructive one (UPV, Schmidt hammer).
Some equipment examples used for natural stones technical qualification: Capon abrasimeter 
and vacuum pump for the determination of bulk density/open porosity.

In addition, numerous researches and consulting contracts include:
  • technological characterization of new stone materials: it is essential in order to define both the most suitable methods of extraction and the possible building uses;
  • natural stones durability: identification and definition of tests applied to predictict the resistance to weathering;
  • experimentation of new methods for testing and checking the validity of parameters and reference values (pre-normative research);
  • use of non-destructive methods to evaluate the conservation status of operating materials, consolidation works and the provision of cleaning and protection projects;
  • recognition and characterization of natural stones in monuments and identification of the quarries origin for restoration methods verification.
Some equipment used for stone materials characterization:
pendulum tester for slipping resistance and Knoop microhardness.
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Solids processing
Multimodal Analyses Laboratory (LAM)
Asbestos analysis