Paola MARINI - Chief


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Rossana BELLOPEDE - Associate Professor

PhD in Environmental Geo-Engineering from 2006, Rossana Bellopede is actually enrolled at the Polytechnic of Turin as researcher (from October 2011). Author of about 40 papers published in international journals, conference proceedings and as book chapters, she is the assistant for the lessons and laboratories of the following courses at the Polytechnic of Turin: "Primary and Secondary Raw Materials Engineering" and "Complements of Geotechnic ".
The research activity has been developed on recovery and treatment of solid waste, durability of natural stone, bowing of natural stone slabs, testing to asbestos content measure.


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Claudio DE REGIBUS - Laboratory Technician

Dr. in Geological Sciences, Geologist. PhD in Environmental Geo-Engineering.


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Giovanna ZANETTI - Laboratory Technician

Giovanna Zanetti earned a MSc degree from University of Turin in 1993. She gained her PhD in Chemistry (1998) discussing a Thesis on Hard Metal Lung Desease. She currently is technician in the Asbestos Laboratory at Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure, Polytechnic of Turin. Dr. Zanetti early interests were on physical-chemical properties of particles related to their toxicity. On these subjects she published eight international papers. From then to now her research was focused on asbestos material, as documented by many papers. Dr. Zanetti refined her knowledge in that field earning a post-graduated course on Asbestos regulations and analysis, organised by Italy Environmental Ministry.


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Lorena ZICHELLA - Research Fellow

Lorena Zichella graduated in Environmental and Land Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin in 2008, and obtained her professional qualification in 2012. Between 2008 and 2010 she worked as laboratory, research and development manager of new products in the automotive sector, but in the meantime she has continued to study topics relating to the environmental and the energy sector, of which she is passionate. In fact, in 2009 he took part in the post-graduate course in Energy "G. Agnelli" at the Polytechnic of Turin and enrolled in 2012 in the register of energy certifiers. In 2012 he opened VAT to start his own consultancy activity in the field of renewable energy and energy saving; in the meantime she have been collaborating for a period of 2 years with the GS Project, supervising construction sites and non-destructive geotechnical tests on construction materials. Since 2013 she has been a research fellow at the Polytechnic of Turin, DIATI department for the European Project EASE R3, and research in the field Characterization of rocks, soils, slopes and underground cavities.


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Oliviero BAIETTO -  Research Fellow

Oliviero Baietto graduated from Polytechnic of Turin in Environmental and Land Engineering in March 2014 with a thesis entitled "Effects of soil consumption on water resources". In addition to having obtained the qualification to the profession, he holds a research grant at the DIATI of the Polytechnic of Turin dealing with "Identification and characterization of the presence of asbestos in artifacts, rocks, lands and aggregates". Oliviero Baietto is particularly interested in the study and research in the area of territorial management, environmental sustainability, national protection and prevention systems, and hydrogeology.


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Gabriele BALDASSARRE - Research Fellow


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Francesco Amodeo - Research fellow

Francesco Amodeo graduated in 2005 in Geological Sciences at the University of Catania with a grade of 105/110. In the same year, he qualified to practice the profession and began his professional career by actively collaborating with an engineering company for several years. In 2006 he set up and manages a geology service company for 10 years, mainly dedicated to the execution and interpretation of geophysical prospecting. Parallel to this activity, from 2010 onwards as geologist in charge of the construction site, he took part in several campaigns of environmental and geognostic investigations of which particular mention must be made for that relating to the Bridge over the Strait of Messina. Since March 2016 she has been a research fellow at the Polytechnic of Turin, DIATI department, for the project "Identification and characterization of the presence of asbestos in artifacts, rocks, lands and aggregates". In particular, it deals with the sampling and analysis of the tunnel muck for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the presence of asbestos, through MOCF and / or SEM analysis, at the temporary laboratory of the DIATI construction site in Arquata Scrivia (AL), at the service of the "Terzo valico dei Giovi".



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Marble and natural stones

Rocks and minerals

Solids processing

Multimodal Analyses Laboratory (LAM)

Asbestos analysis