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Opensignal 5 - Free software

Disclaimer: Although we have done our best to find and remove bugs and weaknesses, the software is used at your own risk and neither the authors nor their organizations have any responsibility for the results that are obtained with the software or the use of these results. If you use the software, please cite the papers:

Cimellaro, G. P. (2013). "Correlation in spectral accelerations for earthquakes in Europe." Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, 42(4), 623-633.

Cimellaro, G. P., and Marasco, S. (2015). "A computer-based environment for processing and selection of seismic ground motion records: OPENSIGNAL " Frontiers of Built Environment, 1, (Art. n. 17), 1-13. http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fbuil.2015.00017

Simple UI-Interface and signal processing .
main graphical interface

Spectral Analysis selection

Conditional Mean Spectrum

Waveform and spectral matching

Waveform and Spectral Matching window