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Disaster Resilience of Structures, Infrastructures and Communities

The committee was born in 2012 and aim to study the socio-cultural economic impact of natural disasters, especially earthquakes.
It works complementarily to the technical council of TCLEE which mainly focus on earthquake design of lifelines considering also interdependencies. They do not address the network of critical infrastructures such as hospitals that instead will be addressed in the proposed committee.

Committee Purpose

To foster research and practice related to disaster management and communities sustainability. To study the socio-cultural economic impact of natural disasters, especially earthquakes, but also wind, blast and other ambient loadings. To promote studies, research, principles, methods and applications of loss estimation models for critical infrastructural systems such as hospitals, but also lifelines, and communities in general, considering the economic evaluation of disaster mitigation. The committee will help authorities in making decisions to improve community response and recovery to natural disasters taking in account all the uncertainties of the process.

Committee Objectives

To advance the state of art and the state of practice in the field of community resilience, promoting the principles and the methods to quantify it. This will be promoted through: identifying and prioritizing research needs related to the quantification of community resilience performance indicators; optimal management and recovery of structural systems and communities in general; advancement of special issues and monographs related to various community resilience frameworks available in literature formulating highly theoretical issues in practical terms for the benefit of practicing professionals; Organizing sessions at related conferences, and in particular in the ASCE Structures Congress; and initiation, development and support of programs for education on community resilience. The committee aims to join in a common table both structural engineers, social scientists and economists.

Parent Committee

Seismic Effects


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