International Meeting on

                                          Visualization in Complex Environments  

                                          Visualizing Friendship by Paul Butler                                          
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Welcome and Opening
Francesco Profumo
President of National Research Council of Italy
Rector of Politecnico di Torino
Piero Fassino
Torino Mayor
Visualization and Decision Making in Spatial Environments. Thursday 17 November, 2011, 14.00-18.30 Castello del Valentino, Torino
14:00  Authorities:
            Jeff Johnson, Chair of the European Complex System Society and of the ASSYST Project, Open University, UK
            Cristina Pronello, Chair of the TUD EU COST Domain and Politecnico di Torino, Italy
14:30  Christiane Weber, Laboratoire Image des Villes, Strasbourg, France "From Observation to Representation toward Decision Making Process"  Abstract
15:00   Michael Batty, CASA University College London, UK "Visualising Cities Through Models, Maps & Machines"  Abstract
15:30  Giovanni Rabino, Politecnico di Milano, Italy "Urban Modeling and Visualisation: The Semantic Link"
16:00   Marco Quaggiotto and Wouter van den Broek, ISI Torino, Italy Visualisation and interfaces for complex systems research
16:30   Coffee Break and Student Poster Session
17:00  Panel with policy makers (Sandro Ciabatti, Regione Toscana…)
18:00   Close
18:30  Visit to the "Cinema Museum" and "Mole Antonelliana"
Visualization and Data Exploration. Friday 18 November, 2011, 9.00-13.00 Castello del Valentino, Torino
  9:00   Marco Ajmone Marsan (CHAIR), Politecnico di Torino, Italy, Madrid Spain,  Steven Bishop, UCL, UK;   Rosaria Conte, CNR Roma, Italy; Paul Lukowicz, Passau University, Germany; Claudio Lubatti, Comune di Torino.
  9:30   Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich FuturICT and the Role of Visualization to Understand What Data Are Telling Us   
  9:45   Roland Strauss, Managing Director of the Knowledge4Innovation EU Platform, Brussels
10:00   Philipp Slusallek, DFKI, Kaiserslautern "3D-Internet: The Democratization of Interactive Visualization"   Abstract
  10:15   Domenico Perrotta, JRC, ISPRA 'A prototype for trade data visualization. Statistical and cognitive ergonomic approaches'
10:30   Coffee
11:00   James Crowley, INRIA, Grenoble CHAIR
11:15   Min Chen, Oxford University, UK Why Does Visual Analytics Work and What is the Underlying Theory?   Abstract
11:30   Anna Carbone, Politecnico di Torino, Visualizing fully 3D fractal patterns   Abstract
12:00   Round Table with Policy Makers
             Claudio Ingaggiato, Senior Scientific Officer, Regional Piedmont Government
             Giovanni Ferrero, Chair of the CSP, Innovation in the ICT ( and TOP-IX Torino Internet Exchange Consortium (
13:00   Lunch
14:30   Liliana Bazzanella and Luca Caneparo, From the Aosta Valley to the Mediterranean sea, Virtual Reality Theatre, Territorial Integrated Project @ Politecnico di Torino VIDEO
              Camille Roth, CNRS and EHESS Reconstructing streams of media issues from large textual corpora   
Visualization and Communication. Friday 18 November, 2011, 16.30-19.30 Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park, Corso Lombardia 190 This session is hosted within the Faber Meeting
16:30   Coffee
17:00   Turin Council or Regional Authority
17:30   Jorge Loucas and Antonio Fonseca, ISTCE Lisbon Beyond data visualization in communication networks: perceiving collective intelligence
17:45   Anna de Liddo, Open University, Milton Keynes (UK) Visualizing deliberation to enable transparent decision-making in Particpatory Urban Planning    Abstract
18:00   Round Table: Riccardo Staglianò ( Newspaper), Mario Ricciardi (Politecnico di Torino, Movie and Media Engineering),
             Anna Masera (La, M. Perosino (Regione Piemonte), Giuliana Bonello (CSI Piemonte), Paolo Ciuccarelli (Politecnico di Milano)