Department of Applied Science and Technology

Institute of Condensed Matter Physics and Complex Systems

Politecnico di Torino

The research activities of the ‘Nanophysics and Quantum Systems’ Group, led by Prof. Fausto Rossi at the Department of Applied Science and Technology, cover a broad spectrum of topics, including the theory and simulation of non-equilibrium phenomena in nanostructured materials, the modeling of many-body quantum processes and correlation effects in low-dimensional systems, the investigation of quantum phase transitions, as well as the mathematical foundation of quantum information/computation.

The investigations at NQS find application in nanoelectronics, optoelectronic devices and in the physics of cold atoms. In particular, the studies carried out at NQS by F. Rossi and R.C. Iotti have led to the design and fabrication of the first Terahertz quantum cascade laser, and to the first proposal of all-optical quantum computer based on semiconductor macroatoms/molecules.

Since the very beginning of its activities, NQS has established various national and international collaborations, and has been involved in several research projects.

Nanophysics and Quantum Systems