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 Carlo Promis

Carlo Promis   Architect and historian of the architecture. He was born in 1808 and died in 1873 in Turin. Member of Eclecticism, he mainly looked after the didactic aspects of architecture.

He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin in 1828, he moved to Rome for eight years approx. where he met C. Fea, Luigi Canina, A. Nibby, and where he studied archaeology and drawing of ancient buildings. In 1836 he returned to Turin, continuing his work of historical research. In 1837 he was nominated as inspector for Monuments of Antiquity in Royal States. From 1843 to 1869 he got the chair of civil Architecture at the Application School for Engineers of Turin following the nomination he directly got by Carlo Alberto. As far as the architectonic production by Carlo Promis is concerned, we can remember: the project of the basilica to be built at the Valentino (1846); the urbanistic project of piazza Carlina (1851); the architectonic and urbanistic requalification of streets and squares with porticoes between viale del Re and viale di S. Salvario (1852), and next to Porta Nuova area, the implementation of houses with porticoes for corso della Cittadella, now Solferino square (1853); the project (implement posthumously) of a public building supporting Porta Palatina (1871). In addition, he left several important historic works related to the Piedmont.