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  Giovanni Gribodo

was born in 1846 and died in 1924 in Turin. Graduated in 1866 at the Application School for Engineers of Turin, Gribodo was assistant of Practical Geometry and Applied Descriptive Geometry.

Fan in entomology and architecture, Gribodo designed several buildings for civil life in Turin, mainly in the area between corso Francia and via Cibrario, in the area of Borgo San Paolo (San Paolo quarter) and to the border of Borgo della Crocetta (Crocetta quarter).

A pattern of his architectonic production is represented by Pola palace (1908), in via Piffetti, on the corner of via Beaumont.

Among Gribodo's publications we remember Relazione sopra un progetto di edifizio per uso della Esposizione Italiana in Torino nel 1872 (Report on a building design to be used for the Italian Exhibition of Turin) .