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  Giuseppe Maria Pugno

Giuseppe Maria Pugno

  was born in Florence on 17th May 1900. Pugno graduated in industrial engineering in 1922 and one year later was a volunteer assistant at the chair of Theoretic Mechanics. After achieving the degree in Superior Mechanics, Pugno was temporary assistant for the same subject and an annually appointed lecturer of Theoretic Mechanics (1924).
Giuseppe Maria Pugno

Giuseppe Maria Pugno
  In addition, he was an annually appointed lecturer in Science of Constructions (1925), permanent assistant always for Science of Constructions (1927) and permanent professor (1933).

From 1934 to 1969 he was dean of the faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. For a 3-year term he was also dean of the Society for Engineers and Architects in Turin.

Since 1947 Pugno was a government commissioner of the Technicial Tannery Institute of Turin and since 1954 he was president of the Turin section of the Italian Mechanical Association.

In 1966 he got the honoris causa degree in Architecture. He led the Special Purpose School of Sciences and Arts in the field of Printing at the Politecnico di Torino since 1962, year of settling up to 1975, when Pugno retired.

Nominated emeritus professor by the president of the Italian Republic on 27th April 1976, Pugno died in Turin on 18th August 1984. He wrote a Storia del Politecnico di Torino (History of the Politecnico di Torino), from its origins to the eve of the second world war, published by the Foundation of the Application School (1959).