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IP-UPWARD project represents an opportunity for Universities, public and private bodies to reach a qualified public of international level, giving a chance to share and exchange experiences and best practices for the changing of contemporary cities, with Urban Project's tools.

Each partner University selects 5 students that will take part to the project workshop, guided by professors from each university.

Students are called to submit project proposal over the chosen field of study, an 'agricultural park' located in the periphery north of Turin. The project will be presented in a final conference open to the city. The issues that will be faced during the workshop are common to many of the European main cities, where parts of the city built up between XIX and XX century, currently settled between the historical town and the developments occurred after the 1980s, show abandonment and decay, and claim important renovation processes. The answer of Urban Planning to this need of rehabilitation brought to new methods and tools that outstripped the traditional planning approach, giving birth to a new practice of Urban Project.

Theory, practice and teaching of the UP are nowadays separately carried out, by scattered means among the different countries that are coping with the problems related to local needs in urban renewal. It's time to overtake this deficiency in order to counter a too sharp distinction between the architect's and the urban planner's fields of action, and to concur to the creation of a shared European practice of Urban Projects.

IP-UPWARD looks forward to these objectives, through a design experience directly involving a community of around 100 people among teachers, students and external experts representing the local partners.


Providing students with conceptual and technical tools making them able to deal with the interface between architecture design and urban planning;

Carrying out an effective experience in order to update the existing training curricula for architects and urban planners and set up a common educational framework that could integrate both careers.


The workshop will take place in Torino from 7th to 19th April 2013.


Project proposals and reports from students.

Preliminary and final report from professors.

Conferences and exhibitions in each one University partner.

The outcomes will be published in an e-book and on the IP-UPWARD website.

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