First information for your arrival in Turin

Referent persons: Federico Guiati

(Coordinator: Giuseppe Cinà)

Arrival at Turin Airport 'Caselle - Sandro Pertini'

Each group will arrive at the Turin Airport, 16 Km from the centre. To go in town you have to take the airport shuttle at the exit of the Arrival Side of the Airport.

The bus company is Sadem. There is a shuttle to the centre about every 30 minutes.

You have to buy tickets by your own directly in the Airport to go to your residence. Buy a one way ticket for the Shuttle and two/three single tickets for urban bus. You can buy tickets inside the airport.

Very important! Keep all the boarding cards, Visa and insurance receipts (if presents).

Find a person of your group that takes charge of collecting all these papers carefully.

Please, be aware of this point, it is fundamental for the final accounting of the IP to collect all these receipts.

Arrival in Turin: go to your Residence

Get off the shuttle in Torino Porta Nuova station (last stop).

Then take a bus to go to your residence.

We have two residences; check in the following list where your group is located:

  • Residence Borsellino, via Paolo Borsellino 42, Torino
    All the teachers
    Students from Hungary, Turkey, United Kingdom,
    To get there take the bus 68 or tramway 9 (west direction) outside Porta Nuova Station, get off at stop '558 - Palagiustizia', then walk for five minutes following the map:
  • Residence Olimpia, Lungo Dora Siena 104, Torino
    Students from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Czeck Rep.
    To get there take the bus 68 (east direction) outside Porta Nuova station, get off at stop "2286 - Stabilimento Tortona" then walk for five minutes following the map:

Welcome drink

Starting from 6.30 pm of April 7th, there will be a welcome drink in residence Olimpia with all the groups. We will meet all together there for our first meeting, registration and practical arrangements.

For those who stay at residence Borsellino, take bus 68 (direction Porta Nuova), see the relative map for directions. To get there in time, consider that on Sunday bus service is reduced and you have buses every 20/30 minutes.

Information for your staying in Turin

Public transports

You will have 2 weekly ticket per person for your mobility in Turin. Ticket is valid in the Urban Area ('Area U').
You have to keep and give us all the tickets after using it.
There will be no more tickets available, keep it safe.
Venue of the workshop
The venue of the workshop, where you will have all the classes, lessons, project work is 'Morgari' building - room '4UP', Address: via Morgari (corner with Corso Massimo d'Azeglio)

On saturday the mid-term presentation will be at the Valentino Castle, room 7V.

Map Castello del Valentino
Map Morgari

Public transports To reach via Morgari take tram 16 or 9 (from Borsellino Residence) and tram 18 (from Olimpia residence). You have different solutions:

Where to eat

Breakfast is provided at the Bar inside the Valentino Castle (see map).
You will have a 3,50 € voucher per day to spend in the Bar for your breakfast. Bar opens at 8 am.

Lunch and dinner

You will have 2 meal vouchers per day for your meal in one of the University Restaurants of the City. You have a Restaurant in each of your Residence and one around the Valentino castle in Via Galliari 30.

Read up something before departure In the IP website you can find some documents and materials about the study area, and some maps. Check it for updates, it will also be our document repository during the workshop.

Some information on Turin and what to do in your spare time

Wireless internet access

It is up to you if you would like to bring your laptop, but we kindly suggest you to bring it in order to.

Login and password which you will receive would be also valid for wireless network at campus.

At the hotels where you are going to stay there is wireless coverage.

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