MicroRaman spectroscopy


MicroRaman Spectrometer


The MicroRaman system is a Renishaw apparatus equipped with an Argon Laser with excitation at 514.5 nm.
The most important features are :

Wavelengths range
400-1000 nm
Spectral resolution
1 cm^-1
Spatial resolution
1 µm  (objective 100x)
2 µm (objective 100x)
650 mm x 400 mm x 650 mm
CCD camera
Available power
with line 514.5 nm up to 200mW

Recently the system was upgraded with the acquisition of an Hot Cell (up to 1500 °C) with which is possible to measure in-situ annealing process.
This powerful tecnique is used to study quality of materials growth with our systems with the great advantage to delete the contribute of the substrate where the film is growth.

The schematic below represents the set-up of the system

CNT MicroRaman Spectra

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