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Full Body Motion Capture

Our approach is based on multiple 2D silhouettes of the body extracted from 2D images and can be outlined as follows:


Head & Facial Features Tracking

We have also developed a system to track head position and facial features in real time. First the head position is reconstructed by means of a model based head tracker, which matches a 3D generic textured head model and 2D image features extracted from the input sequence. Head tracking is achieved by minimizing an error function which describes the discrepancies between model and image features. Motion and texture information are considered in order to make tracking robust.

After pose reconstruction, the input image is warped into the texture map of the model. The resulting stabilized view of the face is then processed to reconstruct significant face features, like eyes, brows and lips. The proposed method uses multi-state deformable templates which are fitted to the warped image exploiting motion, shape and color information. The final output of the system is a stream of head and face animation parameters. The overall performance of the head tracking algorithm is about 30 frame/s on a Pentium III 600, while face expression reconstruction process runs at about 45 frame/s

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