Core team

Madina Mohamed Mahmmod

Ph.D. Student. Click here for more info.
Madina received the 2019 Eni Award “Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa”. She works as a Ph.D. student in collaboration with Eni, on the management of wastewater from the energy industry.

Marco Malaguti

Ph.D. Student. Click here for more info.
Marco is a Ph.D. student since November 2021. His research focuses on membrane processes at the water-energy nexus.


Ph.D. Stufent. Click here for more info.
Erica holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry in Environmental Engineering. Her research focuses on wastewater reuse and circular economy in industry.


Ph.D. Student. Click here for more info.
Ali started his Ph.D. in Nov. 2021, with a focus on desalination based on sorption processes. He is co-supervised by Prof. Fasano and Prof. Chiavazzo from the Energy Department.

Other Current Members

Junior Researchers

Lorenzo Craveri: dewatering of microalgae using membrane technology; osmotic membrane distillation

Past Lab Members

Post-doctoral Associates

Antonio Amelio (left June 2018): Fabrication and functionalization of hybrid organic/inorganic membranes for solvent resistant nanofiltration and for water purification; life-cycle assessment (currently at JRC Ispra)
Mattia Giagnorio (left July 2021): Forward osmosis modeling, techno-economic, and environmental assessment – (currently at Deloitte)
Giulio Farinelli (left October 2021): Advanced oxidation processes and their coupling with membrane-based water and wastewater treatment (currently at University of Montpellier, France)
Francesco Ricceri (left July 2023): Membrane distillation and osmotic membrane distillation (currently at KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

Ph.D. students (graduated)

Francesco Ricceri: “Efficient membrane-based solutions to promote water recovery within water-intensive energy production processes: Three case studies”, graduated March 2023
Mehdi Pejman:
“Double-barrier membranes: coupling hydrophilic coatings with biocidal Ag-MOFs for sustainable (bio)fouling mitigation and biofilm inhibition”, graduated February 2022
Giulio Farinelli:
“Improving the sustainability and effectiveness of oxidative processes for water and wastewater purification”, graduated May 2021
Mattia Giagnorio
:Membrane-based Technologies for the Production of High-quality Water from Contaminated Sources: from Lab Experiments to Full-scale System Design”, graduated April 2020

Co-supervised Ph.D. students (graduated)

Roberto Bert (currently at SMAT, Turin, Italy): “Hydrodynamic Techniques for Fouling Control in Membrane Systems”, graduated October 2022
Mostafa Dadashi Firouzjaei
(currently at University of Alabama, USA): Water and wastewater treatment with novel membrane-based processes (co-supervision with Prof. Mark Elliott), graduated March 2022
Maria Di Vincenzo
(currently at KAUST, Saudi Arabia): “Development of Reverse Osmosis Membranes Incorporating Biomimetic Artificial Water Channels”, graduated December 2020
Matteo Alberghini
: “Heat and mass transfer in porous materials for passive energy-conversion devices”, (co-supervision with Prof. Pietro Asinari and Prof. Eliodoro Chiavazzo – Ph.D. funded by the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo), graduated July 2022

Research Assistants

Marco Coha: Advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment
Giulia Blandini:
Treatment of contaminated brackish groundwater with nanofiltration
Daria Grinic:
Synthesis of polymers and membranes for osmotically-driven applications
Nicola Duimovich: Fabrication and testing of lab-made hybrid organic/inorganic membranes
Laura Andrea Saldarriaga Hernandez: Aggregation and deposition of iron oxide colloids, in the Environmental Nanotechnology Lab
Yasmine Ellaban: president of the NGO “Spring

Masters’ students (graduated)

Mehryar Jafari: modeling and optimization of forward osmosis
Andrea Sansebastiano: analysis and improvement of a real-scale reverse osmosis plant in the north of Italy
Marco Malaguti:
microalgae biomass concentration and growth solution recovery with ceramic membrane filtration
Stefano Chiampo:
experimental study and optimization of a nanofiltration system for the reuse of contaminated groundwater
Aurora Zamboi:
development of a process for the removal of high-molecular weight polymers from the wastewater produced during enhanced oil recovery operations
Arianna Milano:
Assessing the impact of water carrying on women in Western Nepal (work performed at EPFL and EAWAG, Switzerland)
Ilaria Righetto:
Nitrogen recovery from landfill leachate using gas-permeable membrane: selection of pre-treatments needed and analysis of membrane performance over time (performed at Aalto University, Finland)
Pierluca Oliveri: Investigation of the transport mechanism in forward osmosis vs. reverse osmosis (thesis work performed at Aquaporin A/S, Denmark)
Brenda Insonne: Understanding fouling mechanisms in pressure- vs. osmosis-driven membrane processes
Crawford Lang: Desalination of produced water with high salinity and laden with organics using membrane distillation; Erasmus+ thesis student from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Luigi Antonio Sequi: Novel membranes for nanofiltration. This work was performed at IEM, Montpellier, France, with the supervision of Dr. Maria Di Vincenzo and Prof. Mihail Barboiu; it involved the synthesis of anti-fouling nanofiltration membranes through the functionalization with polyols.
Paola Cipollone: Design and evaluation of small-scale desalination units for applications in Oman (co-supervisor: Prof. Pietro Asinari, SMaLL Lab) – in the framework of the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo
Anna Mate: Solar Concentration and Membrane Distillation coupling: System Model and Case Studies (main supervisor: Prof. Eliodoro Chiavazzo, SMaLL Lab) – in the framework of the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo
Francesco Artuso: Solar Concentration and Membrane Distillation coupling: System Model and Case Studies (main supervisor: Prof. Eliodoro Chiavazzo, SMaLL Lab) – in the framework of the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo
Andrea Maizzi: Water / energy nexus: assessment of future water treatment scenarios and their energy sustainability (co-supervision: Prof. Francesco Laio) – in the framework of the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo
Giorgio Paradies: Application of forward osmosis for the treatment of wastewater of beer production (work performed at Technical University of Denmark, DTU, and in collaboration with Aquaporin A/S)
Federica Granato (co-advisor; main advisor: Prof. Marco Sangermano, DISAT): functionalized polyethersulfone-based membranes for pervaporation (in collaboration with Ben Gurion University, Israel, lab of Dr. Roy Bernstein)
Edoardo Carlo Massasso: Rimozione di cromo esavalente da acque potabili con impianto pilota (in collaboration with SMAT S.p.A.)
Emmanuele Castiglione: Adsorption and desorption of a positively charged polymer on silica and implications for environmental processes
Andrea Cosola: Fabrication and characterization of membranes made of sulfonated polyethersulfone for nanofiltration and as support for forward osmosis membranes
Simone Cascia: Removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions through adsorption onto dolomite in a depth filter (in collaboration with University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, lab of Prof. Susana Boeykens)
Jacopo De Tommaso (co-advisor; main advisor: Prof. Tiziana Tosco, DIATI): Transport and fate of nanoparticles in soils and acquifers (thesis work performed at McGill University, Canada, in the lab of Prof. Nathalie Tufenkji)
Daniela Russo (co-advisor; main advisor: Prof. Marco Sangermano, DISAT): Thin-film composite membranes with covalent binding between polyamide and the support layer resistant to backwashing (in collaboration with Ben Gurion University, Israel, lab of Dr. Ron Kasher)
Salvatore Manuel Sortino: Engineered biological processes for resource recovery from waste streams (thesis work performed at Columbia University, USA, in Prof. Kartik Chandran’s lab)
Nicola Duimovich: Use of biochar for removal of organic matter (thesis work performed at Aalto University, Finland)
Sara Abbenante: Renewable energy-powered membrane processes (thesis work performed at KIT, Germany, in the lab of Prof. Andrea Iris Schӓfer)
Santino Nanni: Development of antifouling RO membranes by incorporation of nanomaterials (thesis work performed at University of Concordia, Canada, in the lab of Prof. Saifur Rahaman)
Massimiliano Bolettieri: Graphene oxide-based multifunctional membrane for water purification (thesis work performed at UC Berkeley, USA, in Prof. Baoxia Mi’s lab)
Cédric Le Teuff: Preventive maintenance of the water and wastewater treatment plants of Nouméa, New Caledonia
Francesco Ricceri: Graphene-based membranes for nanofiltration (thesis work performed at KAUST, Saudi Arabia, in the lab of Prof. Peng Wang)
Cristina Andriollo: Chromium removal by nanofiltration for potable water, in collaboration with Prof. Mariachiara Zanetti and Dr. Barbara Ruffino of DIATI
Elisabetta Averna: Chromium removal by nanofiltration for potable water, in collaboration with Prof. Mariachiara Zanetti and Dr. Barbara Ruffino of DIATI
Maria Di Vincenzo: Improving boron removal in thin-film composite membranes (thesis work performed at IEM, France in collaboration with Dr. Yves-Marie Legrand and Prof. Mihai Barboiu)