Universities and research institutions

DIATI Official site of the land, environment and geotechnologies engineering of Politecnico di Torino.

CORILA The Consortium for the coordination of research activities in the lagoon of Venice, which coordinates also the environmental monitoring activities in the MOSE building sites, to which our group participates.


GEAM Association of environmental engineering, founded in Politecnico di Torino and publishing two journals – GEAM (Geoingegneria Ambientale e Mineraria) and IGEA (Ingegneria e Geologia degli Acquiferi) – and organizing many conferences.

ANIGHP is the Italian association of installers and designers of Ground Source Heat Pumps, aiming at fostering the diffusion of this technology in Italy.

Research projects

GRETA is a cooperation project funded by INTERREG Alpine Space 2014-2020. The main aim of GRETA is to foster the diffusion of near-surface geothermal energy (NSGE) in the Alpine regions. The main action foreseen in the project are i) assessment of shallow geothermal potential, ii) the proposal of guidelines for regulation and authorisation procedures and iii) the development of a methodology for the implementation of NSGE in energy planning instruments, such as Sustainable Energy Action Plans. GRETA started on December 2015 and will end on December 2018.

Forum, community, software

FEFLOW Official site (and forum) of a famous finite-element code used in groundwater modelling.

GEOLOGI.IT Italian forum of geologists and hydrogeologists.

Matlab Central The place where you can find some real help with Matlab. Good forum and many functions and .m files uploaded by members.


Ecosia Search engine, based on Yahoo and Bing, donating 80% of its revenues to the WWF projects for the safeguard of the Amazon Forest.


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