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Shell Eco-Marathon

The Shell Eco-Marathon is a low energy consumption cars competition.

The SEM is an educative project that brings together the value of the sustainable development with the driving of a vehicle that uses an amount of energy that is as low as possible. 

This is an event for secondary schools or university students, groups that are independent from school institutions but are made of students, associations in partnership with secondary schools or universities.

SEM's goals can be reassumed as below:

  • A competition for low energy consumption vehicles

  • A experimental center for diversified energy sources  

  • An innovative educational project

  • An occasion to bring the attention on the energy saving

  • An opportunity to promote respect for the environment

  • A project that promotes team work

  • An international context that helps the confrontation between students


The contest goes on every year in may and it last approximately 4 days.

Different aspects are evaluated: first of all the minor energetic consume, but also the best technic innovation, the best project exposition, the best design and the coziest stand.

The competition's categories are:

  • Prototype category: three or four wheels vehicles, with a mass of some tens kilograms, not longer than 3,5 meter, with a frontal surface of no more than 0,5 m² and with aerodynamic shape.

    They are “ Formula One of consumptions", born to optimize the energetic yield.

  • Urban concept category: four wheels vehicles that look like normal cars, suitable on normal streets. Those vehicle can not weight more than 205kg, the height mast be between 100 cm and 130 cm, the length between 220 cm and 350 cm,  the width between 120 cm and 130 cm.

The propulsion of the vehicles is due to:

  • combustion engine fed with gasoline, diesel, ethanol E100, GTL, FAME

  • Electric engine fed with: hydrogen Fuel Cells, solar panels, electric battery

We are participating in the PROTOTYPE category with a hydrogen full cell vehicle, and in the URBAN COCEPT category with an hybrid vehicle that has both: an internal combustion engine (fed with gasoline) and an electric engine.



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