Starting from its thirty-year experience, the laboratory has developed its activities in the three areas which characterize it the most:

  • the research concerning the development of techniques / methods / algorithms useful for future automation of the digital and multispectral photogrammetric survey processes. It recently enriched by the technologies related to non-conventional aircraft in autonomous flight (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and the use of smartphones for the image based location / navigation;
  • the production concerning the application of the latest technologies in special areas (forensic applications, monitoring of hydrogeological instability, …) and the proposal of innovative products for the representation of the territory and cultural heritage (3D City Modelling, design and implementation GIS 3D, solid images, orthophotos solid and solid video, …);
  • the teaching related to I, II and III level courses regarding the various aspects of Geomatics, including the stereoscopic laboratory which allows the truly 3D visualization of photogrammetric models up to 25 users.

Laboratory Contacts 
HEADQUARTERS: DIATI Entrance 3 – First floor
RESPONSIBLE: Lingua Andrea Maria
TELEPHONE: +390110907666 FAX: +390110907699