Andrea Maria Lingua | Full Professor

He conducts researches related to non-conventional aircraft systems for photogrammetric acquisition (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), to digital photogrammetry (automation algorithms, interest operators ..), to LiDAR (environmental applications, territorial and industrial), to the low cost Mapping Mobile Systems and GIS applications and WebGIS with commercial and open source tools. He has participated in important international projects concerning also the elevation models, digital photogrammetry (algorithms and precision orthophotos), LiDAR (guidance algorithms and processing of primary data and integration with photogrammetry) direct photogrammetry, positioning precision GNSS techniques, and various consulting and research contracts with local authorities, research centers (IRA-INAF, CNR, etc.) and industries (Nikon Instruments, Telecom, etc.).

Ambrogio Maria Manzino | Full Professor

His research interests are related to geodetic GNSS positioning, integration of GNSS technology, inertial and photogrammetry navigation and mobile mapping, network positioning NRTK, the statistical treatment of the measures.





Tamara Bellone |  Confirmed Associated Professor

She deals with the geomatics data processing, with application of appropriate statistical methods. She works with a group of analysts interested in the current developments of Geomatics, taking care to identify the multiple connections with seemingly alien disciplines, even in the human sciences’ field (Geomatics criticism). The group refers to critical cartography, which in recent decades has placed the issue of the neutrality of the detection disciplines.



Alberto Cina |  Confirmed Associated Professor

He deals with satellite positioning techniques GNSS, permanent stations networks for real-time positioning and post-processing services, processing of the measurements and calculation problems, metrological GNSS applications for the time measurement, movements and deformations control, photogrammetry, cadastral cartography towards new international geodetic reference systems, Mobile Mapping System (MMS) for the survey of the land registers roads. He has various national and international experiences such as GPS for the determination of the outlet centers in aerial photogrammetry, GNSS permanent stations and RTK. He collaborates with research organizations (EUREF -European Reference Frame, INRIM -Institute of National Metrological Research, CNR-IEIIT ), territorial and national mapping agencies.

Marco Piras | Associated Professor

His research activities are mainly focused on techniques of GNSS satellite positioning and NRTK networks, the integration of sensors and the development of innovative solutions for the use of navigation sensors and low cost UAV. In the past, he developed and implemented mobile low cost mapping. Since 2003 he has participated in numerous national and international conferences, both as a speaker and as president. Since 2005 he has constantly participated in working groups for national and international projects. In 2006 his doctoral thesis work has received an honorable mention from AUTEC and in 2009 he won the “L.FERRETTI” ASITA Association as the best young researcher.


Paolo Dabove | Universitary researcher fixed-term (L. 240/10 art.24-B)

The research activity focuses on the quality control of GNSS positioning, on the kinematic positioning with low cost GNSS instruments, on monitoring techniques through geomatics equipment, integration of GNSS / INS instrumentation mobile mapping, indoor positioning for navigation purposes. He is also a member of the associations IAG (International Association of Geodesy) and ION GNSS (Institute of Navigation). He was the initiator and founding member until 2012 of Gter s.r.l innovation in Geomatics, GIS and GNSS, spin-offs born from the Project Uni.TI in collaboration between the University of Genoa and the Liguria Study BIC, whose research and development areas  concern the metric survey, spatial analysis with Geomatics techniques, use of satellite instruments.

Irene Aicardi | Universitary researcher fixed-term (L. 240/10 art.24-A)

The main issues in which she is involved are related to photogrammetry and positioning. She is also taking care of the development of methodologies related to the use of smartphones, and mass-market devices in general, for indoor localization through images and navigation, using inertial sensors, and for Photogrammetric aims, reconstructing a 3d model. Recently, she is also following some projects related to the use of drones for the characterization of antennas for radio astronomy and for multitemporal and multispectral analysis.



Paolo Maschio | Technical, technical-scientific and data processing area – Category C

He graduated with the title of Surveyor at the State Technical Institute for Surveyors “Guarino Guarini”. He obtained a post-diploma professional qualification in photogrammetric technician and now he is employed as a technician at the Department of Environmental and Territory Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino, collaborating in numerous national research projects (COFIN, PRIN, local authorities and private companies). His activities concern the metric survey, both photogrammetric and laser scanners, use of unconventional aerial platforms with autonomous flight, photogrammetric restitution with analogical and digital instrumentation, primary data acquisition in the field using the most modern geomatics instruments (GPS / GNSS receivers, total stations, terrestrial lidar instrumentation, digital and thermographic metric rooms).