The permanent “GNSS” station has been operating since 1996 and it was one of the first Italian creations.
Used as a receptacle “base” in the precision positioning, it has allowed several experiments about  the use of atomic frequency’s samples for geodetic positioning and it has been used for the first national experience on RTK networks (Real Time Kinemnatic). It contributes to the creation and maintenance of the European geodetic reference system (ETRF): it was framed in the national and EUREF (EUropean REference Frame) network, as active vertex of IGM’s RDN network (National Network Dynamics).

The GNSS receiver provides real-time data as part of the international project EUREF-IP and it is part of the referencing service of the Piedmont Region, based on GNSS networks for real-time (

  • To see the GNSS network of Piedmont and see the information on the various stations click here.
  • To see the EUREF Permanent Network click here.
  • To access at the data of the permanent station of Turin located near the Politecnico click here.

Laboratory contacts
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