The mission takes care of the scientific, teaching and training activity in the following fields: physical, geometric and spatial geodesy, topography, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, cartography, remote sensing, web surfing and geographic information systems and GIS. The scientific-disciplinary contents concern the acquisition, processing, restitution, analysis and management of metric or thematic data, concerning the Earth’s surface or portions, including the urban environment, infrastructures and the Architectural heritage, identified from their spatial position and qualified by survey accuracy.

The application fields have as subject the global and local reference systems, the global and local gravity field and the land, structural and cultural heritage monitoring, control and detection tools and methods. Moreover, they have as subject theĀ processing of the data measurement, the production and updating of maps and topographic database, the tracking of buildingsĀ and infrastructures, mobile detection systems, soil and surfaces numerical models, the management and sharing of multi-dimensional and multi-temporal geographic information.