ArCH dataset

ArCH dataset

Al via un set di dati sulle nuvole di punti di beni culturali, già classificate a seguito di un processo di segmentazione semantica. Il dataset proposto, chiamato ArCH - Architectural Cultural Heritage, è disponibile al sito:

A Benchmark for large-scale heritage point clouds, already classified after a semantic segmentation process is here available:



Il progetto di International Cooperation & Capacity Building per supportare le operazioni umanitarie sperimentali di payload delivery utilizzando droni, per vaccini e medicinali, tenutosi dal 23 febbraio al 5 marzo 2020.

From 23 February to 5 March 2020: The UP4DREAM project was held in Malawi (Africa) to assist humanitarian operations.



Dal 13 al 19 luglio 2019 si è svolto sul “Vallone d’Elva” l’annuale appuntamento con le attività del Team DIRECT, coinvolgendo oltre 20 studenti in un rilievo multi-disciplinare, per la messa in sicurezza e la valorizzazione del patrimonio paesaggistico.

From 13 to 19 July 2019: Multi-disciplinary survey in Elva with over 20 students during the annual appointment with the activities of the DIRECT Team.


The Geomatics group of the Polytechnic of Turin – DIATI lends itself to the realization of a three-dimensional cartography of the Municipality of Mappano. Everything will be modeled according to the LoD (Level of Detail) foreseen by the CityGML standard, reaching up to a LoD 2, and populating the entities according to BDTRE structure.


The INTERREG Italy-Switzerland project aims to develop a working method for the conservation and enhancement of Sacri Monti CHs (cultural heritages), which represent a synthesis between nature, architecture and art, and exemplify at a high level the characteristics of the typical building of historical cores. Specifically, the Geomatics group of the Polythecnico of Turin –

BEEMS – Monitoring Bee Diversity in Natural Systems

Bees provide essential pollination services to natural ecosystems and agricultural crops. The constant decline in the population of bees, both farmed (Apis Mellifera) and wild, requires monitoring, management and restoration programs based on environmental indicators. In this context, aerial photogrammetry can be an effective monitoring and analysis tool both in economic and time terms. This

Orco river

Several accurate geomatics and bathymetric surveys, have been carried out by the Geomatics group of the Polytechnic of Turin – DIATI, along the main course of the Orco river. It is a large torrent of Piedmont, a left tributary of the Po river, which flows for about 90 km, first in the homonymous valley and then

SEI – Spectral Evidence of Ice

In the general aviation, an important safety problem concerns the presence of ice on the fuselage and on the wings of an aircraft, which can cause loss of lift and stall, with the probability of a plane crash during the preflight phase. Up to now this inspection has been carried out by special operators, experts


As part of the PITER Alpimed INNOV project, funded by the European INTERREG Alcotra program, the Geomatics group of the Polytechnic of Turin – DIATI is experimenting with various technical solutions in order to ensure an integrated and innovative response, capable of strengthening the economy of the Mediterranean Alps region. Specifically, the group of the

RED – Risk Evaluation Dashboard

The “RED -Risk Evaluation Dashboard” project has been finished. This project aims at creating an IT tool, a “unified dashboard” INSPIRE compliant, able to collect, manage, and anlyze all the topographic, geological, geotechnical, and spatial data on a unique IT platform. Moreover, several ad hoc algorithms have been developed for rockfall hazards and risks analyses,

RESCULT Training session

A Plenary meeting of the European project ResCult took place in June with the participation of all the partners. During the meeting, a demo of the EID (European Interoperable Database) was presented with the deepening of all the case studies. In mid-September, the first training session planned by the project was held in the earthquake