The GW engineering group is collaborating in a joint research project between Italy and Québec, dealing with the evaluation of shallow geothermal energy as a renewable and sustainable energy source for agriculture, especially for greenhouses.

The project is coordinated by the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique – Centre Eau Terre Environnement (Prof. Jasmin Raymond and Dr. Nicolò Giordano), and the other partners are University of Turin (Prof. Giuseppe Mandrone, Prof. Cesare Comina and Dr. Jessica Chicco), Université Laval (Prof. René Therrien), and the University of Medellìn, Colombia (prof. Daniela Blessent).

Realization of TRT test
Realization of a thermal response test in Québec City

In June 2018 Polito and INRS presented a jointed poster at RFG (Resources for future generations) Conference in Vancouver. The reported study presented the geothermal mapping of Kuujjuaq area, an Inuit village in North Québec, where petrol is nowadays the only available energy source.

The project will last from July 2017 to December 2019, and will consist of joint research activities, and exchange visits of Italian and Quebec researchers and students.