Andrea Gallo

Andrea Gallo holds a MSc in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Torino, where he graduates summa cum laude in 2016. His final project concerns the photolytic degradation of nitric oxide by means in a flow reactor and has been presented at the 5th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes.

He is a PhD student (33rd cycle) under the supervision of Prof. Rajandrea Sethi and Prof. Tiziana Tosco. His work is focused on the synthesis, characterization, optimization and transport of reactive nanoparticles for environmental remediation, in specific on zero-valent iron-based nanoparticles. His studies are predominantly experimental, with laboratory-scale production of nanoparticles, morphological and chemical characterization and reactivity testing.

Andrea enjoys his free time with friends, reading novels and (still) playing PC games. He is an enthusiast photographer, mainly landscape and naturalistic, and he often hikes in the Italian Alps with his camera.

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