Arianna Bucci is a post-doc assistant researcher, she got an MS in Environmental and Engineering Geology in 2013 and after a PhD in Earth Sciences in 2017, both at University of Torino (UNITO).

She joined the GW Engineering research group in January 2018 to work on the GRETA Project, an international project supported by the EU Interreg Program Alpine Space. The aim of the project is the diffusion of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP in the Alpine region). At present, Arianna’s main task is to deal with  geo-referenced data collection, and processing on geological factors affecting the risks during the installation of shallow geothermal systems. The final aim of this task is to carry out the assessment and mapping of the shallow geothermal potential in GRETA project countries. She will also deal with local geothermal potential mapping in pilot areas.

Arianna got her PhD at the end of 2017. Her research was focused on shallow geothermal systems (or ground-source heat pumps, GSHP) and their potential impacts on the environment. Her research was carried out with a multi-disciplinary approach: she considered that chemical, hydraulic, thermal issues may occur during the whole life-cycle of a GSHP system. For this reason, she spent a lot of time building her field experience, working on lab and groundwater modelling activities.

During her PhD, she attended several national and international conferences (i.e. IAH annual meetings, AquaConSoil 2015 conference, IAEG 2014 meeting). At the beginning of 2017, one of her researches on groundwater temperatures in Turin area, got published. She is now completing other two paper submissions, while continuing the collaboration with former colleagues from UNITO. She also supervised some BSc students.

Figura 1 Arianna at the Flowpath 2014 National IAH meeting

Before joining the group, and while concluding her PhD career, Arianna spent several months under UNITO University’s organisation working on cooperation projects related to water resources supply in South Sudan and Mauritania.  She is still involved in the Mauritania project.

Since 2012 she’s been involved in a cooperation project, settled in SW Guatemala, aiming to improvement of water supplies and the awareness on water resources management. This activity allowed her to spend some months in central America and between 2012 and 2013 she carried out her MS thesis, focused on the hydrogeochemical characterization of the upper Samalà River basin. This research was recently published on the Journal of South American Earth Sciences.

Figura 2 Arianna during river water sampling in Samalà River (SW Guatemala) in 2012

During her MSc she was an intern in an environmental consultancy company and she dealt with environmental matrices sampling and report writing.

Her spare time is mostly dedicated to capoeira, mountain sports (snowboarding, trekking) and travelling. She recently became a volounteer in a cohousing community sited in a social-housing building in Turin city center.