SEI – Spectral Evidence of Ice

In the general aviation, an important safety problem concerns the presence of ice on the fuselage and on the wings of an aircraft, which can cause loss of lift and stall, with the probability of a plane crash during the preflight phase. Up to now this inspection has been carried out by special operators, experts in the identification of ice.

As part of the European SEI project, the Geomatics group of the Polytechnic of Turin – DIATI in collaboration with PIC4SER, aims to investigate the use of data acquired from different spectral sensors and mounted on UAV devices during the “preflight” inspection of aircraft.

In this way, safety for staff is preserved and greater reliability of results at the end of the process is guaranteed. A better identification of the areas covered by ice would also allow to reduce the high quantity of defrosting liquid involved in the process, minimizing the impact on the environment.

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