As part of the PITER Alpimed INNOV project, funded by the European INTERREG Alcotra program, the Geomatics group of the Polytechnic of Turin – DIATI is experimenting with various technical solutions in order to ensure an integrated and innovative response, capable of strengthening the economy of the Mediterranean Alps region.

Specifically, the group of the Polytechnic of Turin addresses the  following topics: 

  • To optimize the use of water resources and energy efficiency for artificial snow on the ski slopes by collecting data relating to the energy consumption of ski resorts and the water and energy consumption of artificial snow. In this regard, drones and GNSS receivers have been used for the measurement and high-precision mapping of the residual height of snow, a fundamental parameter for programmed snow.¬†
  • To optimize the use of water resources in agriculture for irrigation, by measuring the flow rate in the irrigation network under pressure, the water potential and soil moisture and testing a methodology to monitor the state of the soil and the identification of areas that need targeted irrigation, through the analysis of different multispectral indices, such as NDVI and NDWI.

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