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Dora and Po rivers
Borgo Dora
The Arsenal
The Factory for hydraulic Experiments at the Parella
The Academy of Science
The Valentino Castle
The Valentino Park
The Royal Industrial Museum
The head office of Corso Duca degli Abruzzi
The Railways
The Large Industry

Designs and Hopes

  Turin, already capital of the Duchy of Savoy (1575), then of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1730), in 1861 becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Only three years later, the town misses its primacy as the government is moved to Florence (1865), expecting that Rome becomes the capital of Italy. In front of this institutional crisis, the town finds a new vitality in its "polytechnic" vocation, consolidated in the past.
By "polytechnic" we mean a town which can find in work not only its best resources, but also the vitality to get renewed more and more. The first civil and military industries, the scientific education and a diffused sensibility are the conditions which will bring to the birth of a stout industrial context