Among the activities dealing with micro and nano-photonics, in the past we developed a strong background in the synthesis and characterization of photonic crystals. In details, we widely exploited surface electromagnetic waves sustained by one dimensional photonic crystals for refractometric sensing and fluorescence enhancement in biosensing applications.

Connected to the above-mentioned background, we developed a strong expertise in Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) measurements and in angularly resolved leakage radiation spectroscopy, either by employing oil immersion objectives in microscopic configurations or prism-coupled setups.


Currently the activities are focused on characterizing the interaction of spontaneous emitters with photonic and plasmonic structures. In this framework, a customized time-resolved fluorescence microscope is dedicated to the characterization of both spectral and decay rate properties of fluorescent probes.

Beside this activity, an optical bench dedicated to holographic imaging and quantitative phase imaging based on a Mach-Zender interferometric microscope allows for characterization of weakly scattering samples.


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Angelo Angelini
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