Spinoff & Partners


  • Microla - Optoelectronics

    Microla Optoelectronics s.r.l. was born in July 2006 as Spin-off of the Polytechnic of Turin proposing solid-state laser sources to the market. It is the result of the commitment of a group of engineers and physicists united by the idea that laser technology in industrial use can be one of the main engines of the economic development of our country. Over the years, the focus has been on process activities and laser processing. To this purpose, complete systems are available, such as Laser Ready, or laser processing systems designed and manufactured on customer request. Microla exploits the skills acquired in the three sectors (laser, optics and electronics) to study and implement highly technological solutions dedicated to particular business needs in different production sectors. Microla signs a multi-year collaboration agreement with the Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) of the Politecnico di Torino, guaranteeing privileged access to state-of-the-art optical and electronic instrumentation. The synergy with the ChiLab laboratory in Chivasso (TO), home to facilities for the design and manufacture of sensors and micro-actuators, offers the possibility of instrumental characterization of the performed laser processes to evaluate the obtained results .

    Campus Tecnologico Località Baraggino, 10034 Chivasso (TO)


  • IMEM - Istituto dei Materiali per l' Elettronica ed il Magnetismo del C.N.R.

    Within the best CNR tradition, IMEM interprets an interdisciplinary vision and a research practice in material science, complementing refined growth synthesis and characterization methods with theoretical modelling and device prototyping aiming at exploring and demonstrating functional properties, applications and technological perspectives. The Institute envisions a tight interplay between curiosity driven basic and applied science with technological research, addressing and focusing more and more the activity and interactions towards materials, processes and devices for energetics, sensing and bioelectronics. This approach is consistent with the affiliation to the "Dipartimento Ingegneria - ICT e tecnologia per l'Energia e Trasporti" (DIITET) and a significant participation to "Scienze Fisiche e Tecnologie della Materia" (DSFTM). Major activities deal with investigating and tailoring properties of materials of new generation including: nanostructures; nanostructures on metallic surfaces; semiconductors, magnetic and superconducting materials systems and devices; semiconductor quantum dot (QDot); nanostructures and functionalization processes for bioelectronics, nanomedicine and sensing devices; oxides nanostructures, molecular and hybrid materials engineered at different length scales.In 2010 IMEM signed an Operational Agreement with the DISAT of the Politecnico di Torino in order to share research and development activities, use of instruments of mutual interest and to facilitate the exchange of personnel between the two Research Centers.

    Parco Area delle Scienze 37/A - 43124 Parma, Italy


  • Trustech srl

    Trustech s.r.l. is the first italian private technology transfer organization specialized on Micro and Nanotechnology. Working within a wide network of research centers and in close relationships with the main industrial companies in the North of Italy, Trustech has skills and strong capability to match the gap between industry and research.Trustech is able to develop, prototype and produce MEMS and Microdevices for customer needs always taking into account business needs.Trustech is an expert and knowledgeable actor in support of those companies that aim at evaluating and exploiting the high potential returns of technology offered by applied scientific research, and specifically by micro and nanotechnologies. Trustech stays side by side with its client companies throughout the life of an innovation project: from the initial research of necessary competencies through to the making of the team, the determination and control of costs, quantification and realization of benefits. We put much care in planning required activities, in implementing pragmatic means and measures, in searching for investments and potential investors, in intellectual property rights and in problem solving.We relies also on an excellent Scientific Network whose parties have been carefully selected on the base of their ability to support the required technological solutions as well as on our highly qualified staff.

    Località Baraggino - 10034 - Chivasso (TO)


  • IIT-CSFT, Center for Sustainable Future Technologies

    The Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies (CSFT) located within the Environment Park in Turin has embraced sustainability in its mission statement and is engaged in the global scientific and technological endeavours to address the sustainability challenges, primarily the reduction of anthropogenic CO2 footprint and improved efficiency in the usage of alternative energy and feedstocks. To deliver sustainability-compliant technologies the Centre fosters alternate routes, which include the development of advanced materials for carbon capture and storage along with in-depth characterization of their properties at the structural, chemical, electrical, electrochemical, and mechanical levels. The equally appealing approach pursued by the Centre is based on the development of best-practice biology-based process technologies for carbon transformation into valuable specialty or everyday products. Based on diversified expertise, the Advanced Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies line and the Systems and Synthetic Biology create complementary and converging solutions to meet the demands for sustainability.https://www.iit.it/centers/csft-polito

    Via Livorno 60, 10144, Torino - Italy