Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence spectrometer offers the capability to perform  requires fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi - or bio-luminescence .

Optical features

The monochromator uses a high energy pulsed Xenon source for excitation.

Variable slit and holographic gratings on both the excitation and emission monochromators to further reduce stray light and improve the system's already impressive performance.

FL WinLab™ software allows specific modes of instrument operation such as Scan, Time Drive, and Ratio Data Collection, easily accessed from the Applications Menu.

Excitation and emission monochromators can be independently or synchronously scanned, while the Prescan mode is ideal for method development and locating of peak excitation and emission maxima.

FL WinLab includes a validation protocol that automatically checks the instrument performance to ensure that it is operating within specification.

Measurement Modes:

  • Fluorescence, phosphorescence and bio- and chemi-luminescence measurement modes.
  • Excitation, emission, constant wavelength synchronous, and constant energy synchronous spectral scanning.

The LS 55 includes a single cell thermostatted sample holder that can accommodate 1 cm pathlength cells.

Front Surface accessory

The Front Surface accessory is ideal for analyzing films, papers, powders and other flat samples. The sample may be placed in the accessory directly or held in the powder holder that has a synthetic fused silica window. Ultra small volumes or viscous samples such as oils, opaque and turbid samples may be measured via the holder or cuvette.