Electrical and Electrochemical characterization

Electrical and electrochemical characterization Lab



Main PoliTO building: code TOCEN03XP03B012


+39 011 090 7359


50 mq


  • Potentiostat / galvanostat Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT128 + PC


  • Arbin Instrument Testing System model BT-2000 + PC
  • Potentiostat / galvanostat Biologic VMP3 + PC
  • IPCE: Lamp 100-W QTH (Newport) and monocromator150-mm Czerny Turner (Omni-l 150, Lot-Oriel)
  • Sun Simulator Class A, 91195A, Newport
  • Keithley 2440 source measure unit + PC
  • Convection oven for electrical/electrochemical measurements in temperature (up to 300°C)
  • UV-Lamp (Newport)
  • Probe station with micromanipulators
  • Reactor HT/HP (Pilot-test-bench up to 150°C and 30 bar) for red/ox reaction.
  • Glove box in Nitrogen atmosphere for material preparations and electrical measurements
  • Flow-box for electrode preparation
  • Pouch sealer for controlled atmosphere sealing





Keysight B2912A Precision Source/Measure Unit + Probe Station





Location: Chilab Laboratory

Keysight B2912A Precision Source/Measure Unit offers the capability to perform DC and pulsed electrical measurements for semiconductor technology development and nanotechnology research. The 2 channels and the high resolution allow measurements of experimental transistors and electrical sensors.

Mimimum source and measure resolution: 10 fA / 100 nV

Maximum output: DC: 200 V / 3 A

                            Pulse: 200 V / 10 A

The Probe station has a chuck that can support up to 6" wafers with very fine x, y and angular movement. The top microscope allows the correct alignment of the probes with the devices under test. Up to four probes are available, two of them with triaxial cable for extremely precise electrical measurement; the other two have coaxial connections. The Probe station has a soft contact tool that allows a semi-automatic movement to contact the probe tips to the devices without putting too much pressure.

Probe station with puck controlled air-bearing stage:

- 180 x 230 mm (7.1 x 9.1 in) XY total stage movement

- 25 x 25 mm micrometer fine stage movement

- +/- 5 degree fine chuck Theta rotation

- Dedicated 25 mm fine platen height adjustment

- Stable microscope bridge mount

- Vibration absorbing base


ST45 STEREO MICROSCOPE with 6.7:1 zoom ratio:

- Set of 25x eyepieces for optimal magnification

- Working distance 100 mm, C-mount adapter

- 60 LED ring illumination, external remote control