The ICP-CVD allows to deposit a large portfolio of high quality films from room temperature to 400°C:

  • Dielectrics: oxides, nitrides, metal oxides
  • High quality films with low BOE etch rate
  • Refractive Index Control
  • Low Film Stress
  • Very dense films – close to thermal oxide -
  • Gap fill 2:1 aspect ratio features based on 500 nm width gap
  • ICPCVD results in higher density films at low temperatures (<150°C) with respect to PECVD
  • ICPCVD will give good film qualities at much lower temperatures than PECVD


ICPCVD improved features:

  • Load-Lock
  • Software interface
  • Avoid highly hazardous gases (NH3, H2)
  • Process Gas Lines (Digital MFCs): SF6, SH4, O2, N2, Ar.
  • Low damage process for nanometer devices requirement
  • Isolation/passivation/planarisation
  • Flexibility for making capacitors and other passive devices after gate level
  • Lift off capabilities - reducing fabrication cycle time
  • New advanced plasma Clean