Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)



Vision 320 RIE Specifications

  • Electrode Size Electrode Temperature Electrode Material: 12" (305 mm) diameter, Aluminum with Graphite Cover
  • RF Electrode Bias: 600 W power supply, 13.56 MHz
  • Base Pressure: <1x10e-6 Torr
  • Pressure Control: Automatic, 0 – 1 Torr
  • Process Gas Lines (Digital MFCs): SF6, CHF3, O2, N2
  • Control System Software: PLC (XP/Windows 7), with data logging



















STS 320PC Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE)


The STS 320PC Reactive Ion Etching system is a single-chamber reactor.


Available process gases (fluorine chemistry)

  • SF6, CHF3, O2 and H2
  • separate mass-flow controller (MFC) for each gas

Pressure control

  • pressure controlled separately by an APC valve between the chamber and the turbo-pump

Pumping system

  • turbomolecular and mechanical pump in sequence, both purged by nitrogen
  • ultimate vacuum: 10-6 Torr

Substrate temperature control

  • heating ~30 °C
  • chilling below 0 °C

Other features

  • all system functions monitored by a PC-based process controller
  • the reactor is surmounted by a glove box for a secure insertion and extraction of samples from the process chamber