Micro Electro-Discharge Machining

SARIX SX-100                                                                                                     


Micro Electro Discharge Machining access is granted through the strategic partnership with IIT-CSF.

Micro Electro Discharge Machining (uEDM) is a serial rapid prototyping subtractive technique for the machining of 3D complex shapes (also with high aspect ratio) in conductive materials (metals or heavily doped semiconductors) using the localized removal of the material through the generation of high frequency sparks between a tool and the workpiece. The tool and the material are immersed in a dielectric fluid (typically an oil) and maintained at a mutual distance of a few microns. Processing resolution of the order of a few microns and very low surface roughness (Ra 0.1 to Ra 0.05) are the main features.


• 3D high precision Micromachining

• 3D and Multi-Axis-µEDM CNC controller SX-CU

• Continuous automatic wear compensation spindle

• “Built in” Micro Wire-EDM electrode grinding device.

• High performance Micro Pulse Shape EDM generator ► smaller deeper and more precise holes (3D Micro EDM machining can use tubes and solid electrodes from 5 microns to 3.0 mm)

• High surface finishing capability down to Ra 0.1 and Ra 0.05 with the Micro Fine Pulse Shape generator.

• High precision positioning accuracy up to ±1 Micron.

• Automatic axis positioning control with depth control.

• High precision automatic electrode refeeding spindle with dielectric or air clamping control for continuous production.

• High Speed Micro EDM drilling technology with breakthrough-detection device.