Plasma Etcher



Diener ATTO Low pressure plasma systems is characterized for a wide range of surface processes:

  • Polymer: PDMS, NOA81, resists, polyimides, SU-8
  • Materials: silicon wafer (max 4inch), Glass


Productivity Enhancements:

  • Data Logging: Simplified data collection for sharing of process monitoring and recipe information.
  • Automatic Matching networks
  • LCD touchscreen user interface

Diener ATTO Low pressure plasma systems Specifications

  • Plasma Chamber made of glass: Ø 211 mm, L 300 mm; Chamber volume: 10.5 litres
  • Ø 211 mm Length 300 mm
  • Two gas channels via needle valve without magnet valve opening RF Electrode Bias: 600W power supply, 13.56 MHz
  • Plasma Power Supply: 40 kHz/200 W
  • Supply voltage 220 V - 240 V / 6 A, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Vacuum Pump Suction power min. 3 m3/h
  • Manual PCCE-control (Microsoft Windows CE) PC-control (Microsoft Windows POS Ready 2009) Rotary switch control
  • Process Gas Lines (Digital MFCs): O2, Ar



Plasmafab 508


Available gas lines

  • O2 (organics removal & cleaning)

Pumping system

  • mechanical pump

Plasma generation

  • radio frequency (13.56 MHz) capacitive discharge
  • maximum power 500 W