Micro Stereo Lithography (custom)

MICROLA Laser Forma 


MICROLA Laser Forma is a polymeric 3D printer based on stereolithography, design and customised for research purposes applied to innovative functional materials for Additive Manufacturing.
The size of printable objects ranges from dozens of centimeters to micrometers. A galvanometric head drives the UV laser spot on the liquid resin surface inducing a layer-by-layer controlled cross-linking.
Working with MICROLA Laser Forma the user has the chance to modify not only several parameters (such as laser power, hatch spacing, laser speed, layer thickness, hatching direction) but also the material.
In this way structures with tunable properties can be obtained.

Minimum layer thickness: 10 µm

Laser Spot Size (FWHM): 50 µm

Laser Power (mW): 1-120 mW