RF Magnetron sputtering (monotarget)


Single target sputtering system

The single target RF magentron sputtering system is available for the deposition of metal and insulating thin films, using nonreactive as well as reactive processes. Some examples of materials are: Al, Ti, Si, Cr, Ag, Zn, AlOx, AlNxOy, SiOx, SiOxNy, TiOx, TiNx, ZnOx.

Available gas lines

  • Ar    (100 sccm maximum gas flow rate)
  • N2   (100 sccm maximum gas flow rate)
  • O2   (100 sccm maximum gas flow rate)

Pumping system

  • turbomolecular and  mechanical pump in sequence
  • ulimate vacuum 1E-7 Torr

Heating unit

  • maximum substrate temperature ~350 °C

Other features

  • Deposition pressure: 5 mTorr - 20 mTorr
  • 4" maximum substrate diameter