ElectroplatingIKo Classic

• IKoClassic Standard Model from ECSI ElectroChemical Systems (Inc. 136 Chestnut St. Midland Park, NJ 07432).

• Bench-top tool designed for fabricating MEMS, NEMS and High Density Interconnects

• Range of feature size from nanometers to several millimeters

• It is able to electroplate any metal or alloy that can be electroplated in aqueous solutions including Copper, Nickel, Palladium, Gold, Platinum, Tin, Lead, Iron, Silver, Permalloy, Palladium-Nickel and Solder

• It is equipped to electroplate 4” wafer size and/or wafer sections with the appropriate set of wafer holder and anode. programmable operation.

• IKO with the FIBRotools Technology allows high control on the uniformity of the deposition by minimizing peeks of current density at the edges of the patterns and compressing and levelling the diffusion layer by the motion of the reciprocating anode