Ink-Jet Printing

Jetlab® 4 from MicroFab Technologies Inc. is an easy to use, cost effective ink-jet printing platform, perfectly suited for a laboratory scale to allow preliminary microdispensing investigations and to explore the feasibility of special inks printing.

The proprietary piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology allows to print on both rigid and flexible surfaces and to develop customized inks for applications in Organic Electronics, Sensors, Biomedical Research and Medical Devices, Nano-metal conductors, Drug Delivery and many others.

Main specifications:

  • Software controlled X-Y positioning;
  • 160x120 mm² substrate size & print area;
  • X-Y Accuracy / Repeatability: ±30 μm unidirectional / ±20 μm
  • Printing speed: 50 mm/s;
  • Manual Z axis control of printhead height;
  • Print-on-the-Fly (straight and/or curved in any direction) or Point-to-Point printing;
  • Raster & vector printing modes;
  • Complex print job definition through scripting;
  • Software based rotation correction;
  • CCD camera for drop observation mounted at 15°, allowing drop impact visualization and coarse substrate alignment;
  • Manual pneumatics controls;
  • JetDrive drive electronics unit with bipolar and arbitrary waveform modes, and single and burst modes.