Furnace System

Tempress System for oxidation & annealing

System Characteristics

  • Flat zone 300 mm-1100 mm
  • 3 or 5 zone control, (cascade) (200 mm Systems are 5 zone control)
  • Fixed flanges to furnace frame to eliminate realignment and disconnection of process gas lines for a tube exchange
  • The Digital Temperature Controller (DTC) takes care for high accuracy control of temperature.
  • Rear tube exchange
  • Kanthal APM or A1 heaters

The furnace is housed in a utilized cabinet of heavy gauge metal construction with a Clean Room Compatible Polyurethane finish. It contains 4 heating elements used for oxidation or metal annealing in various operating conditions. The heat exchanger on the top of the furnace cools the exhausted air. Three phase power transformers are used to maintain a constant temperature with a minimum of disturbance on the mainpower distribution system.
The furnaces are equipped with 3 or 5 zone heating elements. All elements are insulated using high purity high density vacuum molded silicon fiber.