Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)

The Chilab cleanroom is provided with 2 Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) tools, one dedicated to SiC processing, the second for general processing.

Rapid Thermal Annealer TM-100

- Automatic controlled system for rapid thermal processing  expecially suited for use in a research environment.

- State of the art automatic process controller with a pirometer for the direct measurement of the sample temperature

- Heating elements: 28 2000W lamps mounted in a gold plated reflector.

- Possibility to process samples with diameter up to 5”.

-  Maximum heating temperature: 1700°C

-  Heating rates: up to 150 °C/s

-  Possibility to perform annealing using inert atmospheres (Ar and N2 rich environments).



SSI SOLARIS 100 Rapid Thermal Processor

The Solaris 100 is a manual loading RTP system for R&D and pre-production. The Solaris 100 can process up to 101.6mm (4″) substrates at a temperature range from RT up to 1250°C. The unique temperature measurement system of the Solaris requires virtually no calibration for different wafer types and backside emmissivity differences.

The Solaris uses a unique PID process controller that ensures accurate temperature stability and uniformity. The system can accommodate four interlocked MFCs for gas mixing and forming gas processing. Our system ic currently equipped with O2 and N2 lines.