Front & Back-side UV Lithography



Front and back-side UV exposure Mask Aligner


The NXQ4006 Mask Aligner combines innovative design with precision alignment and exposure features. The versatility of the NXQ4006 makes it an ideal tool for manufacturing and R&D activities, for a wide range of technologies.

It supports Soft/Hard pressure contact and Vacuum contact printing. The system can also print in Manual Proximity mode after leveling between the wafer and mask. It can process partial and whole substrates up to 150 mm (6”).


  • Maximum Substrate Size 6ʺ Diameter
    • Configurable from Pieces up to 6ʺ with pooling options
  • NXQ VideoView Splitfield Microscope
    • Two High definition color Cameras and dual HD Monitors
    • 5x Offset Objective Pair
    • LED through objective illumination
    • Infinity Corrected Lens for Excellent D.O.F. and Resolution
    • Singlefield / Splitfield Viewing
    • Motorized Focus
  • Printing modes:
    • Hard and soft pressure contact
    • Vacuum contact and manual proximity print modes
    • Automatic process sequence
    • Chamber Vacuum and Purge in All Modes
  • Manual Tray Load for Substrate Load/Unloading
    • Manual Prealigner ‐ for Repeatable Placement
    • Ideal for R&D Work or Pieces and Odd Sized Substrates
  • Semi Automatic Loading Feature
    • Automatically Clamps and Releases wafer during Load / Unload
  • Automatic Wafer Planarization (WEC)
    • Automatically Performs Wedge Error Compensation
    • Automatically Moves to Align Gap After WEC
  • Optical Backside Microscopes and IR BSA (OBS and IR BSA)
    • Integrated OBS and IR ‐ Thru Object Illumination
    • Computer Included for Image Overlay / Processing
    • Fiberoptic Illumination and Power Supply
    • New Mask Image Stored for Every Wafer to Ensure Accuracy
    • 5x Objectives
    • High definition color Cameras with up to 320x Magnification
  • UV Exposure Optics 350 / 500 Watts
    • Standard ‐ Broadband Exposure Optics (350nm‐450nm)
    • High Resolution, Low Diffraction Optics with Integration and Collimation for Improved Print Resolution
    • Quick Change Light Source
    • (2) 350 Watt Lamps
    • Automatic Flood Exposure Mode
    • Pulsed Exposue Timer Sequencing
  • Integrated Vibration Isolation Table