SCALA is a versatile and modular platform designed by MECWINS, for the evaluation of static and dynamic properties of MEMS devices (cantilevers and bridges) . The basic platform consists of an optical scanner with climatic chamber (temperature and humidity control). Static characterization of 2D profiles, resonant frequency determination through thermal noise or piezo actuation, and single-point measurements are all possible with this platform.



> Deflection measurement range from 1 nm to 30 µm

> Scan surface and obtaining images covering tens of square centimeters

> X-Y resolutions limited by laser spot size

> Temperature control

> Relative humidity control

> Own multi-funtional software:

   - profile detection measurements

   - deflection measurements of any point on the cantilever

   - frequency measurements (thermal noise, excited frequency measurements and eigenmode shape measurements)

   - experiments programming (autonomy for days)