Low Pressure Plasma Polymerization System

 Plasma Polymerization system characteristics (IONVAC Process s.r.l.)

The plasma polymerization deposition system allows the deposition of a wide range of polymer-like functional films which chemical composition depends on the liquid monomer precursors: Acrylic Acid; Styrene; DiethyleneGlycoleDimethylEther; organosilanes; organosiloxanes; etc.


Available gas lines and vapour/gas delivery

  • Ar, N2, O2
  • 3 heated reservoirs (bubblers) for liquid reactants (quartz-stainless steel junction)
  • 2 horizontal parallel plates of 15 cm in diameter are:
    • upper showerhead electrode
    • lower grounded electrode (sample holder)


Pumping system

  • oil-free mechanical pump
  • ultimate vacuum: 10-2 Torr

Plasma generation

  • pulsed discharge (equipped with a function generator
  • radio frequency (13.56 MHz) capacitive discharge
  • maximum r. f. power: 300 W