Elettrospinner NANON-01 A


Electrospinning is an electro-hydrodynamic process, defined as one of the most promising technique in order to synthesize nanofiber mats.  In order to obtain final nanofiber mats, starting from the polymeric solution, loaded in a syringe, an electrical potential must be applied between the tip of a needle, which is defined as the first electrode, and the counter electrode, where dried nanofibers are collected.

As sketched in Figure 1 a), at the beginning of process, a polymeric drop, thanks to its surface tension, remains suspended at the tip of the needle. The applied electrical potential progressively increases and it induces a deformation of the drop, which assume a conical shape defined/known as Taylor cone. When the electrical potential overcomes the threshold value, a repulsive force, induced by charges distribution inside the polymeric drop, results to be higher than the surface tension of the drop, leading thus to eject a charged polymeric jet. Several instabilities, named bending instabilities, carry on during this process, inducing a continuous decrease of the diameter and, at the same time, the solvent evaporation, as represented in Figure 1 b).

Figure 1 a) representation of our electrospinning equipment @ Chilab; b) sketch of electrospinning process, describing how nanofiber mats can be synthetized; c) the occurred bending instabilities, which ensure the reduction of polymeric jet diameter to the nano- scale


Many application fields, based on electrospun polymer nanofibers, have been steadily extended especially in recent years, as represented in Figure 2.

Figure 2 All possible applications of electrospun nanofibers



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