LPCVD Deposition System


LPCVD deposition system characteristics 

The low temperature chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) technique is available for the deposition of Si-based epitaxial, microcrystalline, and polycrystralline materials, such as Si and SiC. 

Available gas lines

  • SiH4 (50 sccm maximum gas flow rate)
  • CH4 (50 sccm maximum gas flow rate)
  • H2   (5 slm maximum gas flow rate)

Pumping system

  • turbomolecular and  mechanical pump in sequence
  • all pumps purged by nitrogen
  • ulimate vacuum 1E-8 Torr

Heating unit

  • maximum substrate temperature ~1000 °C

Other features

  • Deposition pressures: 0.1-10 Torr
  • 4" maximum substrate diameter