Single-layer Graphene growth

Deposition of Single Layer Graphene on metallic substrates (mainly copper) is performed with a Low-Pressure cold wall Chemical Vapor Deposition equipment (nanoCVD, Moorfield Nanotechnology, UK). The main characteristics are:

- H2 and Ar as operation gases, CH4 as carbon feedstock, N2 as service gas

- 1100 °C heater

- 2cm x 3cm uniform heating surface

- low thermal inertia, meaning fast processes (growth process lasting less than 30 minutes)

- working both in gas flux control and in pressure control

- low pressure operation: base pressure lower than 0.01 Torr, operating pressure 1-10 Torr (Ar/H2/CH4 mixture)

- deposition controlled by a multi-setpoint programmable software

- the equipment can be used also for carbon nanotube deposition